Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The most famous of all the printing errors in the world, and the most sought after stamp is the 24 cent inverted Jenny. This error was created May 10, 1918.  The center image of the Curtiss JN-4 airplane was printed first, with the frame added second; it is the frame that is actually printed upside down, not the center image of the Jenny. Only one sheet of 100 stamps of the inverted stamp was produced, making this stamp error one of the most desired stamp in philately history.

In October 2005 Bill Gross bought a numbered block of 4 for $2,970,000.00 and then traded it to Mystic Stamp Company for  a 1 cent Z grill stamp, (only two exist).

On January 12, 2008, Stamp Wants.Com gave away an inverted Jenny as a promotion. This represented the most expensive stamp ever given away. The winner was a California man by the name of John Shedlock.