Thursday, June 1, 2017


As the self appointed watch dog on Apfelbaum stamps, I want to report that this week's offering went this way. I checked their prices on 5/26 and they were a little high. On 5/27 they ran a 10% off sale and they did not raise the original prices. On 5/30 they ran a 15% off sale, and again they did not raise the original prices. On 5/31 they ran a 20% off sale, and to their credit they kept the original prices in tact. I tried to buy 4 lots totaling over $500.00, only to find Missy Apfelbaum blocked me from buying from them because I pointed out their unethical way of doing business. So, on 6/1 they ran a 33% off sale, and this is where they get you. All the original prices were raised 20 to 30%, to trick the unsophisticated buyer. Again, I caution all buyers, don't fall for this deceptive practice.

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